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 Personal Development & Wellness Program

Dynamic Health Meditation

(Be Enlightened, Be Healthy)

Welcome to our body transforming and mind healing events!

At Snehsagar Education World, we understand how modern-day life is filled with chaos and complications. To take this chaos away from your life, we organize various online and in-person events. During these events, we teach you different ways to transform your body, mind, and soul. Our sessions are specially curated to spread the easily applicable and practical teachings of self-management that beholds the power transform a human from inside out.

Snehsagar Education World believes in harmony, peace, and self-development. Our courses and related events are directed toward the intellect, health, moral, academic, personal integrity, and the spiritual development of an individual. Meditation sessions with our experts have shown amazing results in participants and have a positive impact on their day-to-day life.

Our wonderful team at Snehsagar Education World ensures you a wonderful experience every time that helps you to lead a healthy, happy, and meaningful life.

It is tough to explain in words what our sessions can do for you. Join us through an online event or meet us in-person to experience how Snehsagar Education World can transform you and your life.

(Every Week)

Investment: Rs. 3733/-   Rs.99/-

Benefits of DHM Course:-

  • Awareness of Health.
  • Awareness about the physiology of Body & Soul.
  • Understand the pattern of thought process of Mind.
  • Learn to get perfect fitness & relief from health diseases.
  • Increase self-healing power.
  • Change habits & behaviors patterns.
  • To increase moral value of Loving, Caring & Sharing.
  • Learn to receive cosmic energy & meditation.
  • Get total balance in every field of life.
  • Get rid of fears & stress.
  • Get back with real energy.
  • Get rid of addictions.
  • Rejuvenate Body & refresh the Mind.
  • Generate self-confidence & power to break mental limitations.
  • Get positive mental attitude & get rid from negative thoughts & emotions.

Synopsis of Course

Day :1. Fundamentals of Meditation.

  • Four Pillars of Healthy lifestyle
  • Myths about Meditation
  • What is Meditation
  • Types of Meditation
  • 4 Pillars of Meditation
  • Benefits of Meditation

Day:2. Implementation of Meditation

  • How to Meditate
  • Physiology of Body and Soul
  • Preparation for Meditation
  • Meditation for healthy body
  • Meditation for Hormonal balance
  • Meditation for balancing Seven Chakras.
  • Meditation for Healthy Sleep.

Day:3.  Meditation for Healthy & Happy Life.

  • Psycho Herb Treatment (To Cure Disease)
  • 7 Chakras Healing.

Dynamic Health Meditation Course = Rs. 2499


      • 7 Secrets Happiness = Rs. 999
      • E-book = Rs. 235

(Every Week)
Venue: WhatsApp
Investment: Rs. 3733/-   Rs.99/-